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15 Years Experience!

Here is a copy of our Opening Article from April of 2010 that appeared in the Boyertown Times and later the Pottstown Mercury!

It's a Saturday afternoon and you've just bought your buddy's Mustang. You're anxious to get that baby on the road but first you know you've got to get all that annoying paperwork done. You are in a decided hurry and don't have time to run to a notary in Boyertown or Oley.
So what do you do?
As it turns out, you are in luck, because now you won't have to look any further than right here in Pike Township, where Hill Church Notary recently opened its doors.
Hill Church Notary, owned and operated by Christine Krause, is located at 716 Hill Church Road, and offers notari­al services including affidavits, oaths, depositions and other legal documents. Motor vehicle notary services include title and plate transfers, temporary plates, title registration as well as driver license and permit services.
Krause, a native of Birdsboro and a Daniel Boone graduate, received her bachelor's degree in accounting from Kutztown University. When she decided after years of working in her chosen field that she was ready to try something different, Krause left the corporate world when her second son, Nicholas, was born and became a full-time stay-at-home mom, also provid­ing in-home child care for friends and neighbors.
After moving • from the Douglassville area to Hill Church in 2005, Krause found herself again thinking about a new career. The birth of her third child, Korey, in 2007 changed all that. "It looked like I was going to be a stay-at-home mom for a little while longer!" she admitted.
While raising her youngest son and continuing to provide child care, Krause gave her next venture careful thought. Husband Kevin, an antique and classic car enthusiast and collec­tor, had done his share of motor vehicle transactions over the years and often teased Christine about becoming a notary, telling her that her background made her well-suited for the job. Krause admits she never gave the idea much thought until last year, when the subject came up again.
"It seemed like perfect tim­ing," Krause said. With older sons Bradley and Nicholas now able to look after their younger brother, Krause discovered she had time to think about the idea. "I had some extra time to research and study and thought, why not?"
Krause began doing the nec­essary research while husband Kevin diligently began planning construction of Krause's home-based office. After getting all the required permissions and permits from the township, Kevin began construction while Christine began her official online notary course.
Afterjoiningthe Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN) and getting her notary application approved and signed by State Senator Michael A. O'Pake, Krause was then legally bonded and proudly took her official oath of office at the Berks County Courthouse in September of 2009.
While Krause was now a notary, little did she know that all she had just gone through was going to be, in her words, "the easy part." Realizing she shouldn't open her doors to cus­tomers until she could offer full notary services, including state Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) services, Krause again began researching and studying and soon prepared her applica­tion to become a full notarial agent for the state of Pennsylvania.
Throughout this time, con­struction on the office continued in what Krause calls a full "fam­ily endeavor," and after the expenditure of a lot of energy and time on everyone's part, Krause's office was finally fin­ished, her studies were complete and she was ready to open for business.
Well, almost.
Thanks to some minor glitches and several annoying snow­storms, there were a few stops and- starts. But a state inspector finally appeared on Krause's doorstep in January and soon thereafter her state accreditation arrived in the mail. On March 22, Krause officially opened her doors for business.

"We have lots of great ideas to make our notary service not only a professional experience, but a friendly, family oriented one. We want people to feel comfortable coming in with their children and grandchildren and we are working on giving our office a nostalgic appear­ance that people will enjoy com­ing to visit."
Krause says that as a thank-you to new customers, she is offering low pricing on all motor vehicle transactions.  Her future plans include being able to help custoomers with agent service fees, as well as adding services such as instant registrations, ATV and boat registrations and services.
"I am very excited about meeting our neighbors and serving our community," Krause enthuses.
Hill Church Notary currently offers all notary services including affidavits,verifications,acknowledgments,certificates,oaths,depositions,and protests.  Additionally, all DMV services including title and plate transfers,temporary plates,correction and or replacement of titles or registration,specialty plates, driver license and permit services.