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Fees for Services Provided
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Notary Fees
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania permits notaries public to charge the following fees for these seven official acts:

Taking verification on oath or affirmation ( all signatures)  $5.00
Witnessing a signature ( per signature) $5.00
Taking acknowledgments $5.00  Each Additional Name $2.00
Administering oaths or affirmation (per individual) $5.00
Taking depositions or certifying a copy, per page $5.00
Making protests, per page $3.00

 * Please note, additional clerical feels may be added if justified.

 Motor Vehicle Fees
 State Fees:

Please click link to view a listing of State Fees by service:

Our Fees:

We will impose a fee for our service in addition to any State Fees imposed, depending on the service performed.  Please call our office for any questions on your specific circumstances.                              


Payment Methods Accepted 



* Please note a 3% service fill may be imposed for any payments other than cash or check to cover merchant fees.